Cher about looking great at age 77

"It is no secret that I train a lot. As a matter of fact, I often do planks"

by Sead Dedovic
Cher about looking great at age 77

The singer Cher is getting ready to turn 77 years old, and women twice her age will be envious of the way she looks. While her slender lines and youthful energy remain intact, she is usually an example of good cosmetic surgery, and although a few wrinkles are evident, she is usually seen as an example of good cosmetic surgery.

On a recent episode of a television show, she was a guest and talked about how she becomes so beautiful and how it comes from the inside, but also from the outside. In addition to not drinking, she does not smoke, and doesn't do drugs.

Despite that, she revealed that she is quite strict, she follows a diet, but her only weakness is chocolate. Although she is not a gym fanatic, she does exercise at home, and even at the age of eighty she can keep in shape for a very long period of time by walking in a diaper.

"It is no secret that I train a lot. As a matter of fact, I often do planks. I once managed to hold out for 5 minutes, but I was never able to do it again. In order to maintain my figure, I do a lot of classic things. It is true that I also go to Zumba classes, but I do it at home by playing the recordings and following the instructions of the instructors in real time.

I also do butt exercises on a regular basis by lying on the floor and raising my legs in an L-shape while lifting my pelvis off the floor while lifting my legs together in an L-shape. I will do several series. "- she said.


It was speculated that Cher had ribs removed in order to maintain her slim shape, as well as having undergone multiple nose surgeries and eyelid surgeries in addition to having a facelift.

During that conversation, she spoke freely about her corrections, as well as her fear of aging. "After almost 50 years on the scene, I have never been touched by criticism. My only concern and what I despise the most is aging because that is the only thing I cannot remain indifferent to.

In show business, age means dying, and when it comes to my appearance, I have no regrets in spending millions of dollars - said one of the most famous musicians."