Richard Gere Reflects on Struggles Before Fame


Richard Gere Reflects on Struggles Before Fame
Richard Gere Reflects on Struggles Before Fame

Actor Richard Gere recently spoke out about a difficult period in his life before he became famous. At a gala ceremony in New York to celebrate the 40th anniversary of City Harvest, an organization aimed at helping the less fortunate, Gere shared his personal experiences with the media.

Struggling to Make Ends Meet

In an interview with Page Six, Gere revealed that during his early career as an actor, he had to resort to basic meals, such as eggs, due to financial constraints. "Going out to eat at restaurants was not even a real thing for me.

Those were some hard, desperate times," he said. Gere further explained the difficulties of being an actor in the 1970s, especially in New York, where the industry was not as profitable as it is today. "I was starving during the ’70s as an actor just at the start of my career, just trying to make it.

I was lucky enough to work, but there weren’t many actors making any money back then. I was doing Broadway for the first time. I actually did off-Broadway, then off-off- Broadway," he stated.

The Importance of City Harvest

Despite these hardships, Gere believes that being hungry was a normal experience for many people, especially actors starting their careers in New York.

He emphasized the importance of organizations like City Harvest, which provide meals to those in need. "Food is a life necessity and many do not have that need met in America. Everything is so damn expensive now. So I am happy to lend my hand when it comes to people getting a nutritional meal.

It is a basic human right," Gere stated. The gala, hosted by Tyson Beckford, was a huge success, with the evening raising a total of $5 million for the citizens of New York in need. Gere was proud to be a part of this event and grateful for the opportunity to help those in need.

"Being hungry was the norm for many people, but especially actors starting their journey in New York. That’s why this organization is so important to me," he concluded.