Winnie Harlow Bares All for Women's Health Photoshoot


Winnie Harlow Bares All for Women's Health Photoshoot
Winnie Harlow Bares All for Women's Health Photoshoot

Famous model Winnie Harlow, who is known for her battle with the skin condition vitiligo, recently posed in her natural state for Women's Health magazine. In a series of striking photos, Harlow bared all and wore nothing but a pair of white sneakers, as she shared her story of perseverance and self-acceptance.

A Champion for Inclusivity

As the first world-famous model with vitiligo, Harlow has become an inspiration to many.

Women's Health describes her as "not only a frontline warrior in the fight for beauty inclusion but also a hero for scores of women and girls who’ve ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin." Harlow herself told the publication, "It’s beautiful that I can help inspire confidence in people, no matter what walk of life they are from."

Overcoming Rejection and Embracing Authenticity

In her interview with Women's Health, Harlow spoke candidly about her journey to the top of the modeling industry.

Despite facing rejection and criticism, she remained true to herself and relied on faith, strength, and perseverance. "I got a lot of no's along the way, but I just pushed through," Harlow shared. Now, as a successful model, Harlow wants to inspire others who may be struggling with their own skin conditions.

She told Women's Health about a fan who came up to her and shared how her mother, who also has vitiligo, had felt self-conscious about her arms. However, after seeing a picture of Harlow, she now wears short sleeves with confidence.

Embracing the Elements for a Striking Shoot

The photoshoot for Women's Health took place on a beach, with Harlow shooting from sunrise to sunset. Despite the challenges of shooting in the sun without sunscreen, Harlow was determined to get the perfect shots.

"I did it to get good shots," she told the publication. Harlow's message is clear: beauty is subjective and can be whatever we want it to be. "I want to show the world that beauty is whatever we each want it to be," she said.