Kim Kardashian Breaks Down in Tears Over Split with Pete Davidson


Kim Kardashian Breaks Down in Tears Over Split with Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian Breaks Down in Tears Over Split with Pete Davidson

The much-anticipated trailer for the third season of the reality show "The Kardashians" has finally been released, revealing some tear-jerking scenes. One of the highlights of the trailer is the scene in which Kim Kardashian is shown crying hysterically.

Kim's Heartbreak Over Split with Pete Davidson

Many fans of the show are speculating that the reason behind Kim's emotional outburst is her split with comedian Pete Davidson. The pair had been dating during the filming of the third season, but ended their relationship in August of last year after nine months.

In the trailer, Kim is heard saying, "I don't even know where we left off." A producer on the show reminds Kim of her relationship with Pete, to which she responds, "Things change really quickly." When Khloé Kardashian asks if her sister is okay, Kim breaks down and tearfully admits, "No, I'm not okay.

I'm having such a hard day today."

Kim's Struggles with Divorce and Motherhood

Kim's recent divorce from rapper Kanye West has added to the weight she is feeling on her shoulders. Momager Kris Jenner tells her daughter, "The weight of the world is on your shoulders." Kim is also seen in a confessional interview, saying, "We stay silent through all the lies for my kids."

Khloé's Health Scare and Kourtney's Frustration

In the trailer, Khloé is seen experiencing a melanoma scare.

She tells the cameras, "This was way more serious than I anticipated it to be." Kourtney, on the other hand, is seen being frustrated with Kim, believing that she "used my wedding as a business opportunity." Kim responds, "I'm really confused how this narrative came into her head.

I couldn't have been more mindful." Tensions are also running high between the two sisters, with Kim asking Khloé, "Are you mad at me?" Khloé confirms in a confessional, "Livid." Kourtney, who recently married Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, is heard saying, "It's who she is to her core." The third season of "The Kardashians" promises to be full of emotional moments and drama.

Fans of the show will get a glimpse into the personal struggles of the Kardashian family, as well as their relationships with each other. With the release of the trailer, the excitement for the new season is at an all-time high.

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