Kate Middleton's life before her marriage to Prince William

"She never wore makeup, she was naturally beautiful"

by Sead Dedovic
Kate Middleton's life before her marriage to Prince William

The life of Kate Middleton, before she became the Princess of Wales, was an interesting but not an easy one. It is probably true that she went through a lot in her life, but it probably served as a lesson for her when it came to appreciating the things that later appeared in her life.

It is no secret that Middleton worked a large number of jobs in order to earn money. As a 16-year-old girl, Kate worked at Southampton's port for a few months before going to university. There was not a lot of money to be made there for her.

It was only after she finished school, however, that things started to improve for her. In order to pursue her next goal, she found a job at Jigsaw, which was in the fashion industry. Kate worked at a marina in Southampton before heading off to Scotland for university.

There is no doubt that such jobs will not provide you with much money as we have already said. Kate, however, did not stay there for a very long period of time.

Katie Nicholl on Middleton's life

Katie Nicholl, who wrote the biography 'Kate: The Future Queen', spoke to one of the skippers Kate Cal Tomlinson, who said: "It was hard work.

Kate was very professional. She fit right in, even though she stood out because she was so beautiful. She was eloquent, attractive, competent and confident, but also very modest. She was polite and respectful and very tidy. She never wore makeup, she was naturally beautiful"- he said.

There were times when Kate, like many students, was willing to accept a job as a waitress. During the Christmas television special A Berry Royal Christmas 2019, the princess spoke about her catering experiences. According to her, the experience was anything but good, and she did not seem satisfied with it by any means.

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