The 20-year-old Romeo Beckham is rumored to be engaged


The 20-year-old Romeo Beckham is rumored to be engaged
The 20-year-old Romeo Beckham is rumored to be engaged

It is no secret that the Beckham family has always attracted the attention of various magazines and media outlets. Romeo Beckham, one of the members of the Beckham family, has been the subject of more rumors this time around.

After it was announced that Romeo Beckham was engaged to Mia Regan, his girlfriend, the news of his engagement drew a lot of attention from the media. While it is still unclear if this is true, one of the photos taken where the ring can be seen on Mia's hand, sparked the rumours in the first place.

During a conversation with the British media, an anonymous source denied such things and stated that they were not true in a statement. They have been in a relationship for several years, in fact they have been together since 2019.

As a result of Romeo's commitment, their relationship broke down just two years later. Specifically, he went to the USA in order to continue his career there. In the meantime, Mia remained in the UK and continued to work as a model.

Mia and her career: Gucci, Balmain and Vogue

During her career, Mia worked for fashion houses Balmain and Gucci Beaty, as well as British Vogue, as well as for her future mother-in-law Victoria Beckham. The fashion week in Paris as well as the fashion week in London were also attended by her.

After the break, an anonymous source revealed a few more things that had been kept under wraps. "There is so much affection between the two young people and they both remain very close to each other, and Mia is loved by the whole family." In spite of the separation from her son, Mia continued to work with Victoria's fashion brand.

Considering that Victoria had a huge disagreement with Nikola Pelc, Brooklyn's wife, in the past, it will be interesting to see how she will treat her "new daughter-in-law". After Brooklyn's wedding, The Beckham family is gaining a lot of attention and now Romeo is the new topic.