"Only Fools and Horses" Actor, Patrick Murray, Diagnosed with Cancer Again


"Only Fools and Horses" Actor, Patrick Murray, Diagnosed with Cancer Again

Actor Patrick Murray, known for his role as Mickey Pearce in the classic comedy series "Only Fools and Horses," has revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer once again. In a recent online post, Murray shared the details of his diagnosis and his outlook on the situation.

The Return of Cancer

Despite receiving treatment from medical teams at various hospitals, Murray's lung cancer has returned. In his online post, he wrote, "I thought I had a painful groin strain a couple of months ago, unfortunately that turned out to be the cancer getting into my pelvis and leg bones.

It has also entered my lymphatic system."

A Ray of Hope

However, Murray remains optimistic about his health and treatment prospects. He wrote, "What about the good news? I had radiology treatment last week and my oncologist is fairly confident this will stop the leg pain, and I will be up and about again." He also mentioned that his oncologist is confident that the chemotherapy will keep the cancer under control for months and potentially even years, thanks to advances in cancer medicine and more precise genetic molecular tests.

Support from His Wife

Murray also mentioned the role his wife is playing in his recovery, saying, "I am feeling positive with my good wife's awesome support." The actor has received an outpouring of support from fans, with one Twitter user writing, "Thank you for sharing this with us.

I believe you will emerge victorious from this battle."

A Difficult Journey

This is not the first time Murray has faced cancer. In January 2022, doctors discovered a malignant growth in his liver and part of it had to be removed.

He also announced in July 2021 that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumour. However, five months later, he announced that he had been "cured." Patrick Murray's journey with cancer has been a difficult one, but he remains optimistic and grateful for the support of his wife and the medical professionals treating him. Fans continue to wish him a speedy recovery.