Meghan Markle's Recent Appearance Fuels Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Meghan Markle's Recent Appearance Fuels Plastic Surgery Rumors
Meghan Markle's Recent Appearance Fuels Plastic Surgery Rumors

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, made her first public appearance after announcing her absence from King Charles' coronation. Her appearance sparked rumors of possible cosmetic procedures and comparisons to Kate Middleton.

A Different Look

Markle joined her photographer friend, Misan Harriman, for a TED talk over the weekend, and it was her appearance that fueled rumors of plastic surgery. With straight hair, bright eyes, and a toned face, the Duchess looked quite different from her previous appearances.

Harriman has taken several iconic photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, including the first birthday portrait of their daughter, Princess Lilibet.

Social Media Reactions

Immediately after Markle's appearance, comments and discussions followed on social networks.

Some claimed that the Duchess now resembles Kate Middleton, while others wondered if it was intentional. Some even speculated that she wore contact lenses to look more like the Princess of Wales. One Twitter user wrote, “PLASTIC SURGERY ALERT? Sad Meghan Markle wants to be Kate Middleton so bad”.

Another claimed that Markle changed the color of her eyes to look like Kate. However, Markle's supporters came out in large numbers to defend her against the plastic surgery rumors. One defender declared, “Meghan didn't have plastic surgery.

It's all about lighting, angles, and contouring. And hair straightening is something many black women do. It has nothing to do with ‘erasing all traces of origin.’” Another wrote, “Meghan doesn't need plastic surgery!

She is sun kissed, getting love and moisturized! That is GLOW!”

Speculations of Cosmetic Procedures

Despite the support, others weighed in on the work they believed the Duchess has had done. One watchdog speculated, “Facelift, filler dissolved in lips, buccal fat removal, more filler in cheeks, Botox, more subtle veneers, chin implant is my guess”.

Another wrote, “She had under her eyes filled and an eye lift”. Meghan Markle's recent appearance has sparked rumors of plastic surgery and comparisons to Kate Middleton. However, her supporters have come out in large numbers to defend her against the rumors. Only time will tell if the rumors are true or not.

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