Diletta Leotta's Statement on Falling in Love Without Money Draws Criticism


Diletta Leotta's Statement on Falling in Love Without Money Draws Criticism
Diletta Leotta's Statement on Falling in Love Without Money Draws Criticism

Sports journalist Diletta Leotta recently announced her pregnancy with her partner, goalkeeper Loris Karius. However, the celebrated journalist and presenter has found herself at the center of public scrutiny following a statement made on her daily radio show, which she hosts with colleague Daniele Battaglia.

The topic of the show was love, and the following quote has caused a stir among the public: "You can also fall in love with someone without a large bank account."

The Backlash

Leotta's statement has sparked criticism and accusations of inconsistency.

One user commented, "In fact, she had a child with a rich footballer, and sincerity takes two different directions." Another added, "He's holding back, should he say what he thinks he'll lose his job." Despite the criticism, there are those who support Leotta and believe in the coherence between her words and actions.

One person wrote, "The main quality of this girl is undoubtedly the coherence between what she says and what she does. Good."

Past Relationships

Leotta's statement has also sparked a discussion about her past relationships.

The journalist has been linked to wealthy individuals in the past, including Turkish actor Can Yman and Italian boxer Daniele Scardino. She was also once in a relationship with the director of Sky Sport, Matteo Mammi, and many believe that this relationship was instrumental in her successful television career.

Sharing Her Pregnancy

Sports journalist Diletta Leotta recently unveiled the news of her first pregnancy, and today she decided to give her fans a glimpse of her blossoming baby bump. The esteemed sports reporter is romantically involved with celebrated goalkeeper Loris Karius.

She previously announced the joyous news on her Instagram profile last Friday. In the video, Leotta and Karius can be seen sharing an intimate embrace and tender kisses on the couch of their cozy abode, with the caption subtly alluding to the pregnancy.

However, this time around, Leotta opted for a more direct approach, showcasing her pregnancy glow in a photograph. The image captures Leotta gazing lovingly at her pregnant belly, elegantly posed in a crimson swimsuit on a picturesque sandy beach.