Kim Kardashian Shares Her Natural Look with Fans


Kim Kardashian Shares Her Natural Look with Fans
Kim Kardashian Shares Her Natural Look with Fans

Reality star and cosmetics mogul Kim Kardashian has once again surprised fans with a candid look at her natural appearance, complete with dark circles and wrinkles. This is not the first time that she has shown her bare face to promote her brand, SKKN, but this time, she has taken things a step further by sharing her entire make-up routine with her followers.

Collaborating with Longtime Friend and Make-Up Artist Mario Dedivanovic

Joining her in this endeavor was her trusted friend and make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. The two have known each other for 15 years and, in the video, they shared their close bond as Mario applied various cosmetic products to Kim's face.

During the process, she reminisced about the special friendship they share, including a recent exchange of gifts to celebrate their anniversary.

Revealing the Secrets to Kardashian's "Dewy Glam"

In the video, Mario revealed the secrets to Kim's signature "dewy glam" look.

He started by prepping her bare skin with her line's Toner ($45), followed by a mixture of Face Cream ($85) and Oil Drops ($95) for a luminous base. As he applied the products, he shared that Kim taught him how to create this look, explaining, "This is what she does in the morning."

Fans React to Kim's Natural Look

The video received a positive response from fans, with many commenting on how beautiful Kim looks without make-up.

One fan wrote, "She looks gorgeous without make-up," while another praised her as "so pretty and fresh" without her usual full face of cosmetics. The timing of the video was particularly interesting, as it was released amid fan speculation that Kim may have secretly altered her appearance.

This speculation was fueled by recent photos from a restaurant in Poland, where fans noticed that her lips appeared significantly fuller than in the past. Regardless of any changes, one thing remains certain - Kim Kardashian continues to captivate and inspire her fans with her bold confidence and natural beauty.

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