"Never Again": Nicolas Cage Regrets Eating Cockroaches for Movie Role


"Never Again": Nicolas Cage Regrets Eating Cockroaches for Movie Role
"Never Again": Nicolas Cage Regrets Eating Cockroaches for Movie Role

Hollywood heavyweight, Nicolas Cage, has recently divulged the most audacious feat he has ever accomplished for a role. In an interview at the premiere of his latest film "Renfield", Cage candidly confessed to having consumed cockroaches for his part in the 1988 movie "Vampire's Kiss".

"Never Again": Cage's Regrets

"I'll never do that again," Cage confided to Yahoo Entertainment. "I'm sorry I did it at all." In the film, Cage played a character who believed himself to have transformed into a vampire, roaming the streets of New York with fake fangs and eating roaches.

The insect-eating scene was not real, as it was initially supposed to be a raw egg, but the director pulled a prank and made Cage eat cockroaches twice for the take. A Business Decision "I saw it as a business decision," Cage explained, "because when people see the cockroach go in my mouth...

[they] really react."

Solving World Hunger?

The actor then went on to claim that if people could overcome their fear of eating insects, it could solve world starvation. "High protein, no fat, excellent nutrients, abundance.

They're everywhere! But nope – not gonna happen," Cage stated. Delicious" Bugs in "Renfield In stark contrast to his experience in "Vampire's Kiss", Cage's co-star in "Renfield", Nicholas Hoult, got to eat bugs made from edible human food.

"The cockroaches I got to eat in this were caramel," Hoult said. "I also had crickets that were actually quite yummy; they were salt and vinegar flavored or barbecue smoky flavored." In the film, Hoult portrays the role of Renfield, Dracula's vampire servant who eats insects to gain extra strength, with Cage playing the role of Dracula.

Cage believes that consuming insects could solve world hunger as they are rich in protein, fat-free, and nutritious. However, he personally will not be able to bring himself to eat them.

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