Adriana Lima Speaks Out on Her Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Weight


Adriana Lima Speaks Out on Her Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Weight
Adriana Lima Speaks Out on Her Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Weight

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, renowned Brazilian model Adriana Lima opens up about her journey towards embracing body positivity after giving birth to her son Cyan last August. The 41-year-old, who is re-engaging with Victoria's Secret, addresses the criticism she has faced regarding her postpartum appearance and shares her daily struggle to accept her body.

Learning to Accept the Changes

Lima candidly shares with People that every day brings a new battle in her journey towards self-acceptance. She explains that the slow weight loss after giving birth is a constant reminder to embrace her body and who she is.

"Every day I have to remind myself that, 'Listen, accept who you are. Accept your body,' " she tells PEOPLE. "It's a transitional body right now because I had a baby. So you just created life. It's such a big blessing. Every body has a different reaction with pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

So you have to exercise every day, [practice] acceptance with changes. And I struggle every day. Every day, I have to remind myself, I'm human. I get insecure here and there." Despite the daily challenges, Lima emphasizes that she is also learning and growing every day.

She says, "And then every day, I learn new things. And with age, your body reacts differently. But it's okay. I'm learning."

Blended Family and Fashion Inspiration

In addition to her son Cyan, Lima is also a proud mother to two daughters, Sienna (9) and Valentina (12), who she had with her ex-husband, Serbian basketball player Marko Jari?.

She shares that her girls are developing a keen interest in fashion and often give her fashion tips and hints. "Actually, they give me hints on fashion. They go, 'Mom can I do your makeup today? Mom, can I choose your outfit?' They keep me up to date because with five kids it's really hard to follow up on what's happening.

So they do that for me," she says. Lima's journey towards self-acceptance and her blended family life provide an inspiring and relatable story for women everywhere. Her candidness and vulnerability serve as a reminder that every body is different and deserving of love and respect.