Eva Mendes Explains Absence from Red Carpets with Ryan Gosling


Eva Mendes Explains Absence from Red Carpets with Ryan Gosling
Eva Mendes Explains Absence from Red Carpets with Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes, the renowned actress and model, has finally shed light on the reason behind her and her partner Ryan Gosling's infrequent appearances on red carpets, despite being in a relationship for over a decade. The couple, who share two daughters together, has been the subject of much curiosity and speculation among fans.

"The Place Beyond the Pines" Rekindles the Romance

Recently, Mendes took to Instagram to share a clip from the 2012 movie "The Place Beyond the Pines," which starred both her and Gosling. The post prompted fans to ask why the couple does not make more public appearances together and whether Mendes would be attending the premiere of Gosling's latest movie, "Barbie." In response to the inquiries, Mendes wrote, "Magic is Real.

We did not meet on set. The magic started way before but here's a little magic captured on camera. Gracias to the increíble director Derek Cianfrance." Gosling replied, "You're the best! What a cool comment, thank you."

The Value of Privacy

Mendes went on to explain that she and Gosling prefer to keep their relationship private and only appear on red carpets together on rare occasions.

"We don't do those things together," wrote Mendes. "Like these photos I've been posting, I'm only comfortable posting because it's already out there." When asked why Mendes was not comfortable attending red carpets with her partner, she replied, "By 'not comfortable,' I mean exposing our very private life that we value.

I'm still dying to do another movie with him though..." The couple made their only red carpet appearance together at the premiere of "The Place Beyond the Pines." Despite not being married, Mendes recently sparked rumors of a secret wedding when she referred to Gosling as her husband in an interview.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's love for each other and their family is evident, and their commitment to preserving their privacy is a testament to their strong bond. Whether on or off the red carpet, their magic is real and a source of inspiration for many.

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