Two best friends at 80 traveled around the world in 80 days


Two best friends at 80 traveled around the world in 80 days
Two best friends at 80 traveled around the world in 80 days

There are a lot of people who dream of traveling, but as an excuse they always point to lack of time, lack of money, or a combination of these things. Friends who are 80 years old have proven that you should not look for excuses, but do what you love.

Ellie Hamby, a documentary photographer, and Sandy Hazelip, a doctor and lecturer, decided to fulfill their dream and went on an 80-day trip that they will never forget. Namely, the initial destination was Bali, and they ended up in Egypt.

The most interesting thing about their travels is that they kept their followers updated by writing blogs about their journeys. Despite the fact that many people think that everything was ideal and that they had no problems on their travels, they found themselves facing a number of obstacles along the way.

Nothing, however, could prevent them from achieving the goals they set for themselves.


"For almost two days we were swinging, rolling and sliding through the Drake Passage and fighting for our lives. It was wild. But when we stepped onto the ground in Antarctica, we forgot all about it.

The beauty of Antarctica is just amazing, seeing penguins, icebergs and glaciers, it was incredible" - said one of them. In the years that have passed since their first adventure, they have visited 18 countries on seven continents.

During an interview with CNN, Hazelip explained that she met Hamby after her husband passed away in 1999. It was before his death that he advised her to start taking their grandchildren on mission trips during the summer, she said.

During this time, she became involved in a medical mission in Zambia, a project that Hamby and her husband had spearheaded in South Africa as well. It is through a shared interest in travel and a commitment to prioritizing unique experiences over comforts and conveniences abroad that the two bonded over their love of travel.