Mark Ruffalo Celebrates Jeremy Renner's Recovery


Mark Ruffalo Celebrates Jeremy Renner's Recovery
Mark Ruffalo Celebrates Jeremy Renner's Recovery

On Tuesday night, Jeremy Renner walked the red carpet for the first time since his snowplow accident in January, and the premiere of his new Disney+ series, "Rennervations," was an emotional moment for the actor and his fans.

Renner, who walked hand-in-hand with his daughter Ava Berlin Renner, used a cane to support himself as he made his way to the Regency Village Theatre. In a message posted on his Instagram Story, Mark Ruffalo, who costars with Renner in the "Avengers" movies, sent his love and well wishes to his friend. "That's the Renner we know and love," wrote Ruffalo. "The world loves you because you are a great actor and a remarkable human being." He added, "Congratulations on reaching this miraculous milestone of your recovery.

Grit, love, and Titanium."

Renner's Journey to Recovery

The accident on January 1st left Renner with multiple broken bones and required multiple surgeries, but the actor has been working hard to make a full recovery. In an interview with PEOPLE on the red carpet, Renner shared his gratitude and excitement, saying, "I'm overflowing with gratitude and excitement unlike [anything] I've felt in a very, very long time...

Because it's not a movie that I'm promoting, It's not a show, it's my, it's my life, man, this is what I do." Mark Ruffalo was not the only one sending well wishes to Renner in the aftermath of the accident. Other Marvel costars, including Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Evangeline Lilly, also sent messages of support and encouragement.

In January, Ruffalo posted a message on his Instagram Story asking fans to pray for Renner's recovery, saying, "Prayers up for our brother @jeremyrenner on a full and speedy recovery. Please send healing goodness his way." Renner has been sharing updates on his recovery journey over the last three months, and last month he posted a video of himself walking on a treadmill, proving that he is back on his feet.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer last Thursday, Renner spoke about his determination to move past the accident and not let it define him. He said, "I refuse to be f---ing haunted by that memory that way." The premiere of "Rennervations" was a moving moment for Jeremy Renner, marking a significant milestone in his recovery journey.

With the support of his friends, family, and fans, Renner is on the road to a full recovery, and his determination to move past the accident and not let it define him is an inspiration to us all.

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