Robbie Williams' Shocking Weight Loss Worry Fans


Robbie Williams' Shocking Weight Loss Worry Fans
Robbie Williams' Shocking Weight Loss Worry Fans

The beloved British pop star, Robbie Williams, has raised concerns among his fans with his recent weight loss. The 49-year-old singer, who is known for his charming personality and impressive vocals, left fans stunned after a video of him walking shirtless in nature with his family surfaced on social media.

In the video, which was shared by his wife Ayda on Instagram, the singer could be seen sporting only a pink cap and shorts, showing off his thin figure.

What Happened to You?

The video caused a stir on social media, with many fans expressing their concerns about the singer's appearance.

Many comments such as "You look sick", "Why are you so thin", and "It's from cocaine" flooded the comments section. However, the singer himself has spoken out about his weight loss journey and how he is finally content with his appearance.

A Constant Fight

In a recent interview, Robbie admitted that his weight has been a constant battle and that his addiction to sweets is to blame for his shifting weight.

He stated, "I have lost weight but it is a constant fight. Inside me there's a giant person. My whole being and my whole body wants me to go in the opposite direction and be morbidly obese. At the moment I am just eating less. It is a constant slog and it is not a natural way of being.

For me, what is normal is being twice this size." The singer went on to say that he thanks "God for vanity" and his job for keeping him in shape, and that if he wasn't a global superstar, he dreads to think what he would look like "and what I would become".

He added that he has "an addictive nature that finds a loophole in sugar" and that he has never been able to fully cut sugar and refined flour out of his diet. Robbie's weight loss journey has been a constant battle, but he is finally content with his appearance. Despite the concerns of his fans, he is grateful for his job and his vanity for keeping him in shape.