Ben Affleck's Spanish Fluency Takes Social Media by Storm


Ben Affleck's Spanish Fluency Takes Social Media by Storm
Ben Affleck's Spanish Fluency Takes Social Media by Storm

Ben Affleck, the renowned Hollywood actor and director, has taken social media by storm with his fluency in Spanish. During a recent promotion of his latest film "Air", Affleck appeared as a guest on a Spanish-language show, where he spoke about the details of the movie and why Michael Jordan does not appear in the film, despite it being a biographical film about Jordan and his collaboration with Nike.

A Display of Respect for Spanish-Speaking Communities

The actor's impressive command of the Spanish language left many on social media in disbelief, with some even comparing his Spanish skills to those of his wife, Jennifer Lopez, who hails from Puerto Rico, a Spanish-speaking country.

@la_ser ? #BenAffleck nos confiesa la única petición de #MichaelJordan para #AIR #película #cineentiktok #nike #marcas #basket #foryou #entrevista #curiosidades #airJordan ? sonido original - Cadena SER
One social media user commented, “He literally sounds like a translation voice over for an American film lol." Another wrote, “He speaks better Spanish than Jennifer Lopez and she is Latina… go figure!

Good job, Ben ??” Viewers on TikTok were equally impressed with Affleck's Spanish skills, with one commenting, “(It’s) an example of how to get respect from Spanish-speaking communities and promote your movie.

Something the rest of artists should do”. "Is Ben Mexican?" someone else asked, with another TikToker asking "why (does) he sound Cuban?" Fans on Twitter were equally as impressed. "The code-switching btw a Mexican and an Argentinian accent here (and) the ability to correct himself when pronouncing something inexact is impressive," one Twitter user tweeted.

"Wait, so he speaks Spanish better than her???" someone else asked, referring to Jennifer Lopez.

Passive Spanish Speaking Skills

Ben Affleck previously revealed on Kelly Clarkson's show in 2020 that he speaks passive Spanish, having learned the language at the age of 13 after spending a year in Mexico filming a television series.

He also pointed out that his eldest daughter Violet, who he had with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, was always interested in the Spanish language, which prompted him to help her with her studies. This recent display of fluency in Spanish has left many of Affleck's fans and followers on social media in awe and has sparked a conversation about the importance of language diversity in the entertainment industry.

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