Laura Benanti's Unforgettable Show of Strength on Stage During a Miscarriage


Laura Benanti's Unforgettable Show of Strength on Stage During a Miscarriage

Actress Laura Benanti recently shared a deeply personal and devastating experience on her social media platforms. In a heartfelt post, the accomplished performer revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while performing on a Broadway cruise in front of a crowd of 2,000 people.

"A Path Walked Before"

Benanti, known for her appearances in popular TV shows such as "Nashville" and "Supergirl," disclosed that this was not her first experience with pregnancy loss. She wrote, "Unfortunately, I am not a stranger to the pain and emptiness of losing a pregnancy." However, this time, she walked the path of grief hand in hand with her husband and surrounded by "some of the kindest, most loving humans [she will] ever have the honor to share space with."

"An Audience of Grace"

In her post, Benanti expressed gratitude towards the audience who lifted her out of her grief during her performance and to her friends and fellow performers for their support.

She wrote, "Thank you to everyone in that audience for the grace your presence allowed. For lifting me out of my grief for that Holy hour." She also thanked the band, crew, producers, and "that little soul for choosing [her] as [its] home, even for a short time."

"No Shame in Loss"

Along with her husband Patrick, Benanti is a proud parent of two children, one of whom was born last year via surrogacy.

Despite their heartbreak, they plan to move forward together, as they and many others have done before. Benanti shared her story not to seek sympathy or attention, but rather to remind others who have experienced similar loss that there is no shame in it and that they are not alone.

She concluded, "I share all of this to remind the many people and families who have and will suffer in this way that there is no shame in this kind of loss. That you are not alone. And to remind myself as well."

Benanti's post received an outpouring of love and support from fans and fellow performers, including Randy Rainbow who is also on the cruise. He said, "You are remarkable in every way. All my love to you and Patrick."