Blake Lively Flaunts Her Post-Baby Body


Blake Lively Flaunts Her Post-Baby Body

The stunning American actress, Blake Lively, has once again captivated the attention of her followers and fans on social media. The 35-year-old star recently took to her Instagram account to share a series of photos showcasing her post-baby body just a few months after giving birth to her fourth child with husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Picture-Perfect Vacation with the Reynolds-Lively Clan

The actress donned two gorgeous swimsuits, one in a bold brown print and the other a one-piece with a cutout on the stomach, as she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, enjoyed a beach vacation with their mothers.

The photos, which have received numerous compliments on Lively's appearance, show the married couple looking happier than ever, and have left fans asking, "Didn't she just give birth?" Lively captioned one of the photos with the words, "She sells seashells down by the seashore," as she flaunted her layers of seashell necklaces over a bikini top.

In another photo, Reynolds can be seen alongside his wife, further fueling speculation that the couple may have taken their mothers on a much-needed getaway.

A Baby Arrival Kept Under Wraps

Reynolds and Lively welcomed their fourth child earlier this year, but in an unusual move, they decided not to share a photo of the new addition to their family.

Instead, Lively posted a photo on her Instagram account showing herself, Reynolds, and his mother Tammy, in which her pregnancy belly was no longer visible. This has left fans speculating about the gender of the child, with many believing it to be another girl.

The couple has three other daughters together, Betty (3), Inez (6), and James (8), and in a February interview on CNBC's Power Lunch, Reynolds said, "We're very excited. Look, we wouldn't do this four times if we didn't love it.

Everybody's doing great. Everybody's actually doing fantastic. If we hadn't figured it out by now, I think we'd be in deep, deep trouble." He went on to add, "It's a zoo over here. This is my office here. To be honest, I'll probably spend the rest of my life in here." In November, before the birth of their fourth child, Reynolds gushed about being a dad again in an interview with ET, saying, "We're very excited.

You'd have to be a moron to do this four times if you didn't like it. It's gonna be nuts! But we're very excited." Blake Lively first revealed her fourth pregnancy in September, when she appeared on the red carpet at the 10th anniversary Forbes Power Women's Summit in New York.

The actress and her husband have always been known for their love and support for each other, and these recent photos are further proof of their strong and loving bond.

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