Prince William and Prince George Attend Aston Villa vs Nottingham Forest


Prince William and Prince George Attend Aston Villa vs Nottingham Forest

On a sunny day in Birmingham, the Villa Park stadium was graced with the presence of the Duke of Cambridge and his son, Prince George, as they cheered on their beloved football club, Aston Villa. Joining the father and son duo was William's long-time friend, Edward van Cutsem, who was also present at the wedding of King Charles and Princess Diana.

The Young Prince Steals the Show

Although Prince George has been seen at sporting events before, this time he became the center of attention on social media due to his expressive reactions throughout the match. The nine-year-old prince could not contain his excitement, yet simultaneously displayed worry every time the opposing team approached Aston Villa's goal.

This resulted in his father and friends laughing at his adorable antics. The prince's joy reached new heights when Bertrand Traore scored for Aston Villa three minutes into the second half. The match ended in a triumphant victory for Aston Villa, with a second goal scored by Ollie Watkins in the last minute of stoppage time.

Like Father, Like Son

Social media was abuzz with comments about the royal duo's attendance at the match. One fan wrote, "Copied and pasted. Prince William and his Mini Me, Prince George." Another stated, "Prince George and Prince William mirroring each other at the football today – like father like son." Many were pleased to see Prince William let loose and enjoy a "lads-and-dads day" with his son.

One person wrote, "Prince William is so stoic in public, it is always quite the treat to see him act like any other zealous fan when he watches football. Prince George is definitely his father's twin." Another fan who encountered the duo on their way out of Villa Park shared, "Aston Villa Ultras have most definitely gone upmarket.

Bumped into our future king William and Prince George on the way out of Villa Park today. Got to say he was extremely pleasant and very chilled. And not forgetting a 2-0 win." Prince George's lively reactions and Prince William's enthusiastic support of Aston Villa made for an entertaining and memorable day at the Villa Park stadium.

The royal duo's similar reactions had social media users in stitches and once again, Prince William was praised for the way he is raising his children.

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