Emily Ratajkowski quit her acting career: I felt like a piece of meat people judged

Ratajkowski was 'harsh' when speaking about her manager

by Sead Dedovic
Emily Ratajkowski quit her acting career: I felt like a piece of meat people judged

There is no doubt that Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most popular celebrities in the world at the moment. It took her only a short period of time to build a strong career and become a recognizable name in the world of modeling and acting.

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski (31) revealed what caused her to leave the acting business. According to the actress, in that world, she was treated as a "piece of meat," rather than as a serious actress and an artist who deserves serious consideration.

It was difficult for her to accept such things, and she did not feel comfortable in her own skin. Ratajkowski believes that she is much more than what she appears to be on the outside. 'I did not feel like I was perceived in that manner, instead I felt like a piece of meat that people judged, asking: ' ‘Does she have anything else other than her [breasts]?',”' - said Emily.

According to her, she grew tired of being fed by powerful men in Hollywood and fired her manager and acting agent in 2020 as she did not want to "be digested" by them. Ratajkowski was 'harsh' when speaking about them in the interview.

It is obvious that Emily was uncomfortable with their approach and the manner in which they spoke to her. It was time for her to make some changes in her life and to put herself first.

Ratajkowski and her statements

- I did not believe them at all.

I am capable of answering my own phone calls. It is up to me to make my own decisions. I don't think any of you care about my interests at all, and you all hate women' - she explained. The singer Harry Styles (29) was recently caught kissing Emily in Japan by photographers, which led Emily to confess that she has been in a relationship with him for two months.

Considering that many people believe that there is no complementarity between the two, such news took many by surprise. However, it seems that they are happier than ever, and it will be interesting to see how long this relationship can last.

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