Jeremy Renner's Wrote Heartfelt Goodbye Letter after Near-Death Accident


Jeremy Renner's Wrote Heartfelt Goodbye Letter after Near-Death Accident
Jeremy Renner's Wrote Heartfelt Goodbye Letter after Near-Death Accident

Actor Jeremy Renner recently appeared on Diane Sawyer's "Good Morning, America" to share the details of the traumatic accident he experienced on New Year's Day. In the interview, Renner opened up about the intense moments leading up to the accident and how he prepared for the worst.

"The Last Words": A Moving Moment

In an emotional moment during the interview, Renner spoke about writing his "last words" to his family, which he intended to leave behind in case he didn't survive the accident. Holding back tears, Renner shared, "I’m writing down notes in my phone to — last words to my family”.

The actor's nephew, Alex, was with him during the accident and played a critical role in ensuring his survival. "If I was there, on my own, that’d [have] been a horrible way to die. And surely I would’ve. Surely," Renner explained.

"But I wasn’t alone. It was my nephew. Sweet Alex. And the rest of the cavalry came."

Extent of Injuries

The extent of Renner's injuries was revealed in a trailer for the ABC News interview, which listed the following: "Eight ribs broken in 14 places.

Right knee, right ankle broken, left leg tibia broken, left ankle broken, right clavicle broken, right shoulder broken. Face, eye socket, jaw, mandible broken. Lung collapsed. Pierced from the rib bone, your liver — which sounds terrifying." In the interview, Renner spoke about the fear and uncertainty he felt after learning about the extent of his injuries.

He revealed, "What’s my body going to look like? Am I just going to be a spine and a brain, like a science experiment?" However, Renner's determination and willpower shone through as he shared, "I chose to survive. That’s not gonna kill me, no way.

I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience, but I’ve been refueled and refilled with love and titanium." The accident occurred when Renner pushed his nephew out of the way of a snowplow, resulting in "blunt chest trauma." He had to be airlifted and underwent emergency surgery.

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