Sophia Bush on enocounter with a fan: He called me a prostitute


Sophia Bush on enocounter with a fan: He called me a prostitute
Sophia Bush on enocounter with a fan: He called me a prostitute

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be subjected to unpleasant scenes from fans who can even assault them physically at times. Sophia Bush spoke on Penn Badgley's “Podcrushed” podcast about an unpleasant scene she experienced.

“I had a beer and there was a guy at the table next to me and all my friends, who walked right up to me and stuck his camera right in my face to take a picture, almost hit me right in the face, with his phone,”-Sophia Bush said, as quoted by The fan continued with his 'violent' behavior.

“He keeps going and he’s getting rowdy and I can hear him swearing,” she said. Sophia Bush emphasized that she did not feel comfortable, and wanted to calm down the situation. “I say, ‘Hi, I’m a person.

I’d like to shake your hand. My name is Sophia. You’re making me really uncomfortable, man. I’ve asked you to stop. I’m a girl in a bar. You are a man I do not know. I don’t wanna be videoed on your phone.

And my friends don’t either. Can you please stop?'” In those moments, Bush felt "as if she wasn't human". “‘I don’t have to stop. You’re in public.’ I said, ‘Okay, but is there no world in which you can understand that you are making me feel like a piece of meat, like I’m not human? And he goes, ‘I watch your show, so I pay your f–king salary.

You are a piece of meat to me.’ And I just went, ‘What?'” she continued. It could be sensed in those moments that there would be a physical confrontation. “‘You’re just a TV prostitute, he said, before one of the guys on our crew like flipped out and it started to get physical between these guys”.

An interesting fact is that this man is a lawyer. “But he meant it. And then he starts yelling at me that he’s a lawyer and he knows his rights… I mean, it was insane,”

Sophia Bush and her trauma

After everything she experienced, she probably had a little trauma left.

Bush does not want to be exposed so much in public. “I don’t enjoy being in public anymore, in such a greater percentage than I used to. Now I’d much rather be at home. I used to love to go out and be in the world, so I think that’s obviously a wild example, but it’s not the first time that I’ve experienced that.

It’s very strange because in one sentence people will say, ‘Well you signed up for this’ and the other sentence they’ll say, ‘We’re entitled to this.’ I don’t think anyone is entitled to anything."

Sophia Bush