Leonardo DiCaprio Shatters Romance Rumors with Maya Lama


Leonardo DiCaprio Shatters Romance Rumors with Maya Lama
Leonardo DiCaprio Shatters Romance Rumors with Maya Lama

In recent news, the legendary Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has debunked rumors of a romantic relationship with television presenter, Maya Lama, who is 20 years his junior. Despite being introduced by mutual friends and allegedly frequenting each other's company, the 48-year-old Oscar-winner refutes the notion of a romantic liaison.

A Disputed Report

According to a source that spoke to The Sun, "Maya and Leo are in regular contact and have been on a string of dates. They have both recently come out of long-term relationships so neither of them are rushing into anything - they are having fun and seeing how it goes." The source goes on to add that the two live in different countries and that Maya, who has previously been in a long-distance relationship, is aware of the difficulties that come with such a dynamic.

The source concludes, "Leo has certainly been wooing her though, he loves spending time with her."

Rebuffing the Report

However, a representative of the Hollywood star has since quashed these rumors. The report comes as DiCaprio is keen to dispel his image of only dating women under the age of 25.

A source told the Daily Mail, "He is not keen on the hype suggesting that he is seeking out these very young women. He is looking for something more mature in the relationship department." The actor's reputation was brought to the forefront when he and his then-girlfriend, Camila Morrone, broke up not long after her 25th birthday.

Despite this, the source goes on to state that DiCaprio and Maya were reportedly in New York last month for business and were filmed leaving a Parisian club, Le Piaf, with friends. Although the rumors of a romantic relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Maya Lama have been denied, the actor's reputation of dating younger women continues to follow him.

This recent report comes after he was criticized for his alleged relationship with 19-year-old Israeli model, Eden Polani. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if DiCaprio's desire for a more mature relationship will translate into actual changes in his dating life.

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