Emily Ratajkowski and her hints about her relationship with Harry Styles


Emily Ratajkowski and her hints about her relationship with Harry Styles
Emily Ratajkowski and her hints about her relationship with Harry Styles

As a result of the video of Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles touching lips, there were a lot of reactions on social media. Many people consider this to be a sign that they are in a serious relationship. It should be noted, however, that some people doubt the whole story.

A few months ago, Emily Ratajkowski hinted at the fact that she was in a relationship with the man she was clearly in love with during an interview with Going Mental With Eileen Kelly. Her first point of emphasis was that she was in a relationship with someone she liked at the very beginning.

"I just started dating someone that I kind of like, so that feels different. "- Ratjkowski said, as quoted by etonline.com At the time, Emily was under the impression that she was never going to find the person she so desperately wanted.

"If you'd talked to me four weeks ago, absolutely. He's kind of great."

Emily Ratajkowski and her ideal type

Ratajkowski emphasized that she likes masculinity. She is attracted to men who know what they want, who are willing to do anything in order to win your love.

The way her father was was exactly like that, and he also possessed another dimension of personality that she admired in him. It is, of course, a challenge to find a person who fits this description, as she stressed. "I'm attracted to masculinity, it drives me insane.

If you were going to analyze me, my dad is a hyper-masculine dude who's also a painter," she continued. "I don't have daddy issues. I have a great relationship with my dad, but I will say my idea of masculinity when I was young was this very, very traditional, likes sports, plays sports, 6'2", fixes things around the house, but then also is vulnerable, makes art. That's actually really hard to find and has led me in some strange directions."

Emily Ratajkowski Harry Styles

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