Veronika Rajek angry at hate messages: This mindset is so sick


Veronika Rajek angry at hate messages: This mindset is so sick

In the past few days, Veronika Rajek has become the main focus of much of the celeb media's attention. Namely, this Slovakian model is heavily criticized for wearing the Star of David necklace. It is through her Instagram account that she expressed her anger at the large number of negative comments that have been made about her.

In her opinion, the most important thing is to show respect and share the love with each other. There is no need for hate in our world. "What's wrong you with guys? This mindset is so sick. If you think that people are better just because they are Christian or Hindu, and Jewish people are the enemies of the world you should open your minds widely.

Religion doesn't specify kindness of people, people do," -Veronika posted on Instagram. Veronika Rajek believes that people behave differently from how they present themselves. Such things are not necessary in today's world where tolerance should be a priority.

"People always preach about a positive world, but they are spreading negativity all round. I know, life is not a fairytale which none of us are able to solve by ourselves, but what you can change is your behavior and not be an a** whole- this is how you can start to begin and change your mindset, thus your surrounding as well."

Veronika Rajek and her views

Social Media has been bringing too much hate ever since its inception.

There is a large number of anonymous people who send messages of hate, criticize, and do not choose their words when speaking. Veronika is angry about that. Her understandings are different from many, and she does not hesitate to show respect and tolerance for everyone.

"Just because you are in front of your phone screen, doesn't mean you are untouchable. If you don't find something nice to comment, it is better for you to just leave,"