The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Shakira's Sudden Move to Miami


The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Shakira's Sudden Move to Miami
The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Shakira's Sudden Move to Miami

The renowned Colombian singer, Shakira, has recently departed from Barcelona with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, to Miami. The move was not welcomed by many of her fans, who questioned why the singer did not wait until the end of the school year for her sons to finish their studies.

The Reason Behind the Sudden Move

The singer has now revealed that she was forced to leave Barcelona and move to Miami. Her former father-in-law, Joan Pique, has taken over ownership of the house that she once shared with her ex-husband, Gerard Pique.

According to Spanish media outlets, Joan Pique informed Shakira on March 13th that she had to leave the mansion in Esplugues de Llobregat by April 1st or face a compensation payment.

The "Eviction Notice"

Joan Pique sent an "eviction notice" to Shakira via email, which ultimately led to her move to Miami.

The house in Barcelona, where Shakira lived with her ex, belonged to Joan and was later given to him by his father. According to both El Periodico and La Vanguardia, Shakira had until April to leave the mansion or face the compensation payment.

The Instagram Statement

Shakira shared her thoughts on the move in an Instagram statement in both English and Spanish, where she said, "I settled in Barcelona to give my children a stability, the same we are now looking for in another corner of the world next to family, friends and the sea." She continued, "Today we start a new chapter in the pursuit of their happiness.

Thank you to everyone who surfed alongside me so many waves there in Barcelona, the city where I learned that friendship is certainly longer than love." The singer ended the post with a heartfelt message, "Thank you to everyone who has been there to cheer me up, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow.

Thanks to my Spanish audience who have always covered me with their love and loyalty. For you, just a see you later, and as my father said so many times, see you around the curves!"


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