Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Show Their Heroism on the Set of the "Joker" Sequel

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Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Show Their Heroism on the Set of the "Joker" Sequel
Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Show Their Heroism on the Set of the "Joker" Sequel

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, the two leading stars in the highly-anticipated sequel to "Joker," have once again proven their heroism both on and off the set. The latest incident took place during filming on the iconic steps in the Bronx, where a co-worker took a tumble.

In the latest incident, Gaga and Phoenix were halfway through filming a scene on the staircase in the Bronx when a crew member tripped and fell. The man was not seriously injured, but Gaga and Phoenix promptly paused the scene and helped the man up the stairs before filming resumed.

This comes days after Gaga was hailed as a hero for coming to the aid of a photographer who tripped and fell during the 95th Academy Awards last month.

A New Twist on a Classic Character

Harley Quinn, a beloved character in the DC Comics universe, has been traditionally portrayed as having a romantic relationship with the Joker.

However, recent developments suggest that the character's portrayal and s*xuality could be heading in a new direction. In 2018, Margot Robbie, who previously played Harley Quinn in "Birds of Prey," expressed her desire to explore the character's relationship with Poison Ivy on the big screen. "In some comics, they convey it as a friendship; in other comics, you can see that they're actually s*xually involved as a couple...

I would love to have Poison Ivy thrown into the universe, because the Harley and Poison Ivy relationship is one of my favourite aspects of the comics, so I'm looking to explore that on screen," said Robbie.

Lady Gaga Takes on the Harley Quinn Legacy

Lady Gaga's casting as Harley Quinn has been met with widespread excitement by fans and industry professionals alike.

Margot Robbie, who brought the character to life on the big screen, expressed her enthusiasm for Gaga's portrayal of Harley Quinn. "It makes me so happy because I said from the very beginning that all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters, the way Macbeth or Batman, always gets passed from great actor to great actor...

It's such an honor to have built a foundation strong enough that Harley can now be one of those characters that other actors get to have a go at playing. And I think she'll do something incredible with it," said Robbie. The sequel to "Joker" is directed by Todd Phillips and written by Phillips and Scott Silver.

Gaga stars as the DC Comics character Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist who crosses paths with the Joker and eventually comes to grips with his villainous ways. The character of Harley Quinn was originally created as comic relief for the evil Joker.

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