Lauren London Remembers Nipsey Hussle on the 4th Anniversary of His Passing


Lauren London Remembers Nipsey Hussle on the 4th Anniversary of His Passing

Actress Lauren London commemorated her late partner, Nipsey Hussle, on the fourth anniversary of his death with a poignant homage. The couple, who were together for five years, shared a son, Kross Ermias, who is now 6 years old.

Tragically, at the age of 33, Hussle was fatally shot outside his clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31, 2019, with his assailant recently receiving a 60-year prison sentence.

A Heartfelt Tribute

In a touching Instagram post, London shared two monochrome photographs of the late rapper, expressing her enduring love and the pain she endures.

"I hold my breath all of March knowing I have to face the memory of the day you transitioned…. Holding on to ancient wisdom, but the pain is the pain, and nothing was ever the same… Eternal Being Ermias Asghedom, I Love You," wrote the 38-year-old actress.

The grieving star also posted a picture of Hussle on her Instagram Story, reiterating her love for him.

Finding Strength in Baha'i Teachings

To conclude her tribute, London quoted sacred texts from the Baha'i faith, which offer solace and hope by comparing the human spirit to a bird freed from its cage after death.

The passage emphasizes the boundless potential of the spirit once it is liberated from the constraints of the physical body. Following the touching tribute, London received an outpouring of support from friends and followers.

The actress is also mother to 13-year-old Kameron Samuel Ari, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Lil Wayne. As the anniversary of the late rapper's death approached, London candidly discussed her journey of healing and coping with the loss on a January episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast.

Speaking to host Janine Rubenstein, she emphasized that the healing process is not linear and that she still has days when she feels angry. London further expressed that she consciously chooses to move forward every day, despite the pain and wishing Hussle were still here.

She acknowledged the importance of being intentional in how one shows up in life, striving for a more gentle approach rather than a harsh one. "And I wish he was here, so it's really a choice," London said. "And so I'm making a choice every day, but I don't wanna give off this perception that you know, 'Oh, everything's all flowers...'

But I think if you make the choice and that you're intentional with how you would like to show up in life, it could be more gentle than harsh."