The Hilarious Mishap That Cost Owen Wilson His All-Access Pass to the Rolling Stones


The Hilarious Mishap That Cost Owen Wilson His All-Access Pass to the Rolling Stones
The Hilarious Mishap That Cost Owen Wilson His All-Access Pass to the Rolling Stones

Actor Owen Wilson recently made an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" where he shared a hilarious story about the time he had his all-access pass to a Rolling Stones concert revoked. The 54-year-old actor, who was joined on the show by actor Jeff Goldblum, recounted out the circumstances surrounding the revocation of his pass in a manner that left the audience in stitches.

The All-Access Pass

"I went to see the Rolling Stones in Argentina," said Wilson. "And I was kinda friendly with some of the band, and my friend was really good friends with Mick Jagger. And we got these special laminates, kind of all-access, that were good for the rest of your life, that we got presented with." Wilson and his friend were given all-access passes, which allowed them backstage access to the Rolling Stones concerts.

However, Wilson soon realized that the pass came with a warning - he was not supposed to get too close to the stage.

Testing the Limits

Wilson couldn't resist the temptation to see how far the power of the badge could take him.

He walked backstage to see if anyone would stop him. But, as fate would have it, he ended up getting too close to the stage and was stripped of his pass. "I’m gonna walk over here and see if anybody stops me," he said to himself. "And no one would stop me any place, and I ended up right at this place where I could look over and see Mick Jagger on the stage, right there." During the song "Jumpin' Jack Flash," Jagger bolted from the stage and came running down, catching Wilson in a place that was part of the stage.

Wilson, who was wearing all white and thus very visible, froze and tried to be inconspicuous, but someone came running over and screamed, "Get out of here! Move! You’re not supposed to be here!"

The Aftermath

Wilson went to bed that night still in shock from the experience.

The next morning, he received a call from Mick's security team. "Do you have that laminate?" they asked. "Yes, I still have it," replied Wilson. "Okay, we’re gonna come over and pick it up." "I get it," said Wilson. "He has a show to do, he doesn’t need some bozo just cruising around, distracting him." Wilson's all-access pass was revoked because the organizers and band members didn't need some fool walking around on stage.

But, Wilson's humorous take on the situation left the audience in stitches, and it was a reminder that sometimes, things don't always go as planned.

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