Cher's Iconic 'Snap Out of It!' Line Leads to Real-Life Slaps for Nicolas Cage


Cher's Iconic 'Snap Out of It!' Line Leads to Real-Life Slaps for Nicolas Cage
Cher's Iconic 'Snap Out of It!' Line Leads to Real-Life Slaps for Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a legendary actor who has graced the silver screen with his presence in over 100 films, including "Valley Girl," "Raising Arizona," and "Leaving Las Vegas." However, one of his most memorable roles was in the 1987 romantic comedy, "Moonstruck," where he starred alongside the iconic Cher.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cage spoke about a strange interaction he had with fans who were enamored with the movie.

A Remarkable Scene with Cher

"For the longest time, back from Moonstruck, I would walk to the airport and people just had a habit of saying, 'Snap out of it!' from Moonstruck -- the Cher 'snap out of it' [line] -- and I did get slapped a few times," Cage stated, leaving his "Renfield" co-star, Nicholas Hoult, in disbelief.

In the film, Cher tells Cage to "shut up" and slaps him. This memorable scene seems to have left a lasting impression on fans, who often recreated it by slapping Cage and yelling, "Snap out of it!" "No, no!" Hoult exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, I did," Cage confirmed. "And that, you know, it's part of the job."

Theories on Fan Behavior

When asked what could have possibly driven fans to imitate this scene, Cage jokingly responded, "I think maybe [they think] I'll cast them in something.

Who knows?"

"Renfield": A Modern Take on the Classic Monster Tale

Cage plays the menacing Count Dracula in the film "Renfield," directed by Chris McKay. In this retelling of the classic monster tale, Hoult plays Renfield, Dracula's loyal servant.

Renfield is forced to do his master's bidding, no matter how demeaning the task may be. However, after centuries of obedience, Renfield is finally ready to break free from the shadow of the Prince of Darkness and discover if there is more to life.

"As soon as I read the book Dracula, I thought there was something so deep in the character that was profound and compelling," Cage said. "Dracula, although it's a supernatural character, he's really saying something about the human experience, which is if you supplant an addiction to blood with an addiction to alcohol, or heroin, or sex, you can see that those are human issues that people contend with, and then you factor in eternal life or eternal undead experience, you're going to get ...

your heart broken time and time again and be betrayed. And I think that's something people can also relate to." Cage's portrayal of the infamous Count is sure to be a standout performance in this modern monster tale. "Renfield" promises to be a thrilling, thought-provoking film that explores the human condition through the lens of the supernatural.

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