"Inspector Rex" Actor Gedeon Burkhard Living a Polyamorous Lifestyle


"Inspector Rex" Actor Gedeon Burkhard Living a Polyamorous Lifestyle
"Inspector Rex" Actor Gedeon Burkhard Living a Polyamorous Lifestyle

Gedeon Burkhard, the actor best known for his role in the popular TV series "Inspector Rex", has captured the hearts of many viewers with his charming performance. However, what has recently come to light is his unique personal life, which is drawing attention for its unconventional nature.

Burkhard is in a polyamorous relationship with two women, Ann-Britt Dittmar and Sasha Veduta, who live with him in an old Berlin apartment.

A New Kind of Love

In an interview with Bunte magazine, Burkhard stated that his relationship with Dittmar and Veduta is "a real threesome, not just sexual, but a balanced and deep connection in all aspects".

He went on to say that he is "not a big Zampano with two wives". The three of them share a bed, though with a width of 1.80 meters, it is now too small. Dittmar stated in the same interview that this is the next task for Burkhard to address, but as they made clear, "Someone else doesn't fit into bed".

A Family Affair

What makes Burkhard's living arrangement even more interesting is that his mother, the actress and voice actress Elisabeth von Molo, also lives in the apartment. Burkhard shared that his mother, who was not always enthusiastic about his friends, eventually fell in love with both Dittmar and Veduta.

"You can't imagine that my mother, who wasn't always so enthusiastic about my friends, then fell in love with both girls," said Burkhard. Burkhard's polyamorous lifestyle might come as a surprise to some, but it seems to be working for him and his partners.

He has found a way to balance a deep connection with two women and maintain a loving and supportive family environment with his mother.

Gedeon Burkhard

Gedeon Burkhard was born in Munich, West Germany to parents Wolfgang Burkhard and the accomplished German actress Elisabeth von Molo (nee Burkhard).

Elisabeth is the granddaughter of the renowned Albanian actor of the 20th century, Alessandro Moissi. Burkhard received his education at a boarding school in England and made his acting debut in 1979 in the German television film "Tante Maria".