Angelina Jolie Expands her Fashion Empire with a New Trademark for Clothing


Angelina Jolie Expands her Fashion Empire with a New Trademark for Clothing
Angelina Jolie Expands her Fashion Empire with a New Trademark for Clothing

Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie has recently set her sights on a new venture: fashion. After taking a brief hiatus from acting, Jolie has dedicated herself to creating a line of clothing and jewelry, with a focus on sustainability.

The Birth of Atelier Jolie

Jolie has applied to protect her brand, Atelier Jolie, and has been working on the project for over a year. According to a source, she has filed for a global trademark under the same name and is eagerly awaiting approval.

The source stated, "Angelina has been working on this project for well over a year and she hopes the trademark will be approved so she can move forward in her new venture."

Expansive Plans for Atelier Jolie

The source also indicated that the brand would include everything from custom-made jewelry to couture clothing and tailoring.

The source added, "She is a huge advocate for sustainable fashion and this is something the brand will have a major focus on." The plan for Atelier Jolie is still in its infancy, but the source noted, "the wheels are in motion." The source added that the company would also make beddings and home supplies; seen in 2009 in Hollywood.

Jolie's Fashion Philosophy

In a February 2021 interview with British Vogue, Jolie spoke about her fashion inspirations and revealed her unique approach to style. She shared, "I invest in quality pieces, and then just wear them to death." She also noted that reusing well-made items and shopping at vintage stores are "part of the way forward" to a more sustainable future. reached out to Jolie's representatives for comment, but they have yet to respond. It will be interesting to see how Jolie's new venture develops and if her focus on sustainability will set her apart in the fashion industry. One thing is for certain, with her impeccable taste and passion for fashion, Atelier Jolie is sure to be a success.

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