Uncovering Ivana Trump's Hidden Connections: FBI Releases Declassified Files

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Uncovering Ivana Trump's Hidden Connections: FBI Releases Declassified Files
Uncovering Ivana Trump's Hidden Connections: FBI Releases Declassified Files

The FBI's investigation into Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana Trump, has been a topic of interest for several years due to allegations related to her connections with her native country of Czechoslovakia. The FBI conducted a preliminary investigation into Ivana based on information obtained from a confidential source in 1989, and had 190 pages of documents related to the case.

A Journey Through Ivana Trump's Life and Connections

The FBI's investigation of Ivana Trump covered several countries, including Canada and Austria, and dealt with her connections with individuals whose names were not published by the agency.

According to a report published by Bloomberg, the FBI sought information from American envoys in Canada and Europe in order to gather information about Ivana's emigration from then-communist Czechoslovakia to Austria and later her departure to Canada.

Although the 190 declassified pages were heavily redacted and only represented a fraction of the investigation's 900 pages of information, they provided some insights into Ivana's life and connections. The FBI told Bloomberg that the rest of the files would be released in April.

The files, which cited 'highly reliable' and 'highly sensitive' sources, as well as clippings from news outlets like Time and Newsweek magazines, delved into Ivana's life, including her father's occupation as an electrical engineer, her education, her time as an Olympic skier for Czechoslovakia, and her career working as a ski instructor and model in several countries.

The files also detailed Ivana's marriages and divorces, including her marriage and divorce with Donald Trump. One page noted, "Ivana met Donald in 1975 on a ski trip and married him in 1977. Ivana was a former Olympic skier before her marriage to Trump." Aside from references to his relationship with Ivana, Mr.

Trump received little attention in the investigation. A file from 1990 noted that a 'highly confidential and reliable source' told the FBI that Ivana had been in Czechoslovakia in June of that year, where she was given an autographed book by Czech President Václav Havel.

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