David Jason and Abi Harris Look Forward to Building a Father-Daughter Bond

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David Jason and Abi Harris Look Forward to Building a Father-Daughter Bond
David Jason and Abi Harris Look Forward to Building a Father-Daughter Bond (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

On a recent revelation, David Jason, the iconic actor best known for his portrayal of "Del Boy" in the classic British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses," has discovered he has a daughter, Abi Harris. After years of speculation, Abi finally mustered the courage to ask her father to undergo a paternity test, which confirmed the news.

A Surprise Discovery

In an interview with The Mirror, 52-year-old Abi Harris reflected on the momentous discovery, saying, "In discovering my father's identity, I am starting to piece together my own. Of course, I am tickled pink and incredibly proud but, frequently, completely overwhelmed with sorrow for the years we have lost." She went on to express her hope that she and her father can "consciously make time to see each other more often, so that [she] can master the art of being the best big sister and build a meaningful father-daughter relationship in its truest sense."

An Unusual Coincidence

In a strange turn of events, Abi discovered an incredible coincidence in her relationship with her father.

In 2008, she and David performed together in a stage production of "Under Milk Wood," directed by Dylan Thomas. After the performance, a friend pointed out to her the striking similarities between her and her father, including a shared nose shape.

This coincidence has been on her mind for years, leading her to finally seek confirmation of her father's identity.

A Growing Family

David Jason expressed his delight at the discovery of his daughter, saying, "To say it was a surprise to find out I had a daughter from years ago is an understatement.

However, on settling with the news, I am delighted that I am now able to get to know Abi and so we meet up when we can." The 83-year-old actor is eager to build a family bond with Abi and her 10-year-old son Charlie, with the support of his wife, Gill Hinchcliffe, and their 22-year-old daughter Sophie.

Jason shared, "My wife, Gill, and daughter, Sophie, have been very supportive and understanding and have embraced Abi and welcomed her and her young son into her now wider family. We hope we are all allowed the privacy to continue our new relationship and get to know each other more and more."