Shakira and Gerard Pique's Mother's Heated Confrontation

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Shakira and Gerard Pique's Mother's Heated Confrontation
Shakira and Gerard Pique's Mother's Heated Confrontation

In recent news, Spanish media has reported that Colombian singer Shakira got into a heated argument with Montserrat Bernabeu, the mother of Shakira's former partner, footballer Gerard Pique. Journalist Laura Fa has shed light on the situation, claiming that Bernabeu was aware of Pique's relationship with student Clara Chia from the start and helped him conceal it from Shakira.

The Beginning of the Drama

According to Fa, the root of the issue lies in the fact that "everything began when Clara Chia and Gerard Pique started to see each other in the house of Pique's parents in Cabrils, Spain." The journalist also alleges that Shakira cried on Bernabeu's shoulder, despite her being an accomplice in hiding Pique's new relationship.

“Shakira cried on her mother-in-law’s shoulder. Although her mother-in-law was an accomplice in hiding this new relationship”.

A Sour Relationship

The conflict between the two women has only been exacerbated by Shakira's recent split from Pique, with reports indicating that she has erected a wall separating her house from her former in-laws' residence in Spain.

The Colombian singer has also allegedly placed a witch mannequin on her balcony, teasing Bernabeu, and asked her children to stop referring to her as "grandmother."

A Physical Confrontation

The situation reached its climax when Shakira and Bernabeu reportedly had a physical altercation in front of Pique and their children, Sasha and Milan.

An anonymous source close to the Pique-Mebarak family has claimed that Bernabeu punched Shakira in front of the former soccer player and their children.

Encouragement for Legal Action

While this information has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved, some fans of the singer are encouraging Shakira to take legal action against Bernabeu and Pique.

The recent revelation of Pique's infidelity with Clara Chia Marti has only added fuel to the fire. The Shakira and Montserrat Bernabeu confrontation highlights the complexities and tensions that can arise within families, especially in the wake of relationship breakdowns.

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