Age-defying Romance: James Argent(35) and Stella Turian's(18) Love Story


Age-defying Romance: James Argent(35) and Stella Turian's(18) Love Story
Age-defying Romance: James Argent(35) and Stella Turian's(18) Love Story

British television personality James Argent (35) has found love with the enchanting Italian actress Stella Turian (18). The couple first crossed paths in June last year at a luxurious wedding ceremony in Mykonos, Greece. The two met by happenstance at the upscale Nammos restaurant.

A Serendipitous Meeting in Mykonos

Reminiscing about their initial encounter, Argent shared how they "serenaded each other" with him showing her clips of himself singing Rat Pack songs, and Stella reciprocating with videos of her singing Italian love songs.

After exchanging phone numbers, the pair continued to share videos of their performances, with Stella giving Argent's microphone skills her "seal of approval." Despite the notable age difference, Argent has expressed that the couple shares a great deal in common.

Their relationship has blossomed with the full support of Turian's parents, and plans for the couple to move in together are underway. The television personality, whose troubled past is well-known, insists that he has been candid with Stella about the "ups and downs" of his life.

Speaking to The Sun( via DailyMail), he gushed, "We've got an amazing connection, she is extremely supportive, and she knows everything there is to know about me."

An Age-defying Romance and Unwavering Support

Argent has also won the approval of Turian's friends, as evidenced by paparazzi capturing images of the couple strolling hand-in-hand through the romantic streets of Venice.

The source close to the couple told MailOnline, "The age difference hasn't played any part in their romance so far, they've holidayed together in Italy and Marbella, getting to know each other away from the spotlight." During the course of their relationship, Turian has been Argent's staunchest supporter through his transformative weight loss journey.

Once weighing 171 kilograms, Argent successfully shed the pounds to reach 89 kilograms through stomach reduction and tummy tuck surgery. "This is a big deal for James – he hasn't been in a relationship for years because he's been working on himself and finally now, he's ready to share his life with someone," the source added.

Argent further revealed the secret to wooing his new love interest, sharing with The Sun, "I'm lucky enough to have a home cinema — there have to be some perks to being in showbiz — and I'm obsessed with Mafia films, so I made her watch Goodfellas and some Sopranos and Casino too." Overflowing with gratitude for his newfound romance, he confessed, "I feel very lucky, sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself this is all really happening." With an undeniable connection and unwavering support from both sides, James Argent and Stella Turian's romance is poised to flourish as they embark on their journey together.