'I Am Georgina': Season 2 shows the Ronaldo family's tough times

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'I Am Georgina': Season 2 shows the Ronaldo family's tough times
'I Am Georgina': Season 2 shows the Ronaldo family's tough times (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

It is undeniable that Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest football star in the world, and he is a person who attracts a lot of attention to himself. Since she was married to him, Georgina Rodriguez has also been attracting the attention of fans and the paparazzi.

Her popularity is increasing, and now she experienced a peak after it was confirmed that her Netflix series called 'I'm Georgina' will be released. Fans are impatiently waiting to watch this series, considering that they will reveal the secrets of her life, but also of Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are six episodes in the first season of the series, which was released in January of the previous year. It should be noted that the subject is Georgina Rodriguez, as the name suggests. In this documentary, we follow the story of an Argentinean model and influencer.

In the Gucci store in Madrid, she saw Cristiano Ronaldo walking into the store and that was the moment of a lifetime for her. There was no way she could have imagined that this would happen to her one day.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his children

In addition to raising three children together, Ronaldo and his wife are raising three more children from his past as well.

In addition to being known as the wife of a soccer superstar, Rodriguez has a lot more to her story than that. Georgina Rodriguez is portrayed in her most vulnerable form in the second season of her show, as she goes through the most difficult moments of her life in a way we have never seen her before.

While many people think that famous people do not have any hard times, she proved once again that this is a lie that many people believe. As we all know, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina lost their child during childbirth at the end of April of the previous year.

There will be a lot of attention this season as we get to see how the Ronaldo family copes with this immense tragedy. As Cristiano Ronaldo has already mentioned in the past, it is evident that it is very difficult for him to accept such a tragic incident.

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