Al Pacino Finds Love Again with Kuwaiti-American Film Producer Noor Alfallah

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Al Pacino Finds Love Again with Kuwaiti-American Film Producer Noor Alfallah
Al Pacino Finds Love Again with Kuwaiti-American Film Producer Noor Alfallah

Actor Al Pacino (81) has been spotted in the company of his girlfriend, the 28-year-old American-Kuwaiti film producer Noor Alfallah. The couple was captured on camera by paparazzi as they left a Los Angeles restaurant, engaging in an animated conversation while seemingly oblivious to their surroundings.

A Match Made During the Pandemic

The relationship between Pacino and Alfallah has been ongoing for two years, with their first public appearance taking place in April of last year. The couple was seen together at a group dinner celebrating an art exhibition featuring the works of painter Julian Schnabel.

Alfallah, who comes from a wealthy Kuwaiti American family, has a history of dating high-profile older men, including billionaire investor and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. According to a source, “Pacino and Noor started seeing each other during the pandemic.

She mostly dates very rich older men, she was with Mick Jagger for a while, and then she dated Nicholas Berggruen. She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well. The age gap doesn’t seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father”.

The Age Gap: A Non-Issue

This marks the first time Pacino has been seen out with a romantic partner since his 2020 split from Israeli actress Meital Dohan. Dohan, who is now 42, stated that the 39-year age difference between the two became too difficult to handle.

However, she expressed that she still appreciates the relationship and considers it an honor to have been a part of Pacino's legacy. In contrast, Alfallah's relationship with Pacino appears to be unaffected by the 53-year age difference.

The source added, “She moves with the wealthy jet-set crowd, and she comes from a family with money”.

A Final Word from Meital Dohan

Although Dohan expressed hope to remain friends with Pacino, she couldn't resist a little dig, saying, “He only bought me flowers.

How can I say politely that he didn’t like to spend money?” Nevertheless, she remains grateful for their time together and the experience of being a part of Pacino's legacy.

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