Jamie Lee Curtis Wears Orthopedic Boot After Jumping for Joy at Oscars

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Jamie Lee Curtis Wears Orthopedic Boot After Jumping for Joy at Oscars
Jamie Lee Curtis Wears Orthopedic Boot After Jumping for Joy at Oscars (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis has recently revealed on her Instagram profile that she is currently wearing an orthopedic boot after the Oscars. This is due to her excitement and jumping on the stage after winning the Oscar for the best supporting role for the film "Everything Everywhere All at Once." The sixty-four-year-old actress took to social media to share her situation with her followers, stating, "The THRILL of VICTORY and the AGONY of DA FEET!

@everythingeverywheremovie." Curtis seems to imply that her leap in heels caused her need to use the boot.

Despite the supportive comments on her post from fellow celebrities, such as Demi Lovato and Rosario Dawson, her spokesperson has not provided any additional information about her health condition.

However, it appears from her social media profiles in recent days that she is resting at home.

First Oscar win for Jamie Lee Curtis

It is worth noting that this is the first Oscar in Jamie Lee Curtis's career as a famous actress.

She delighted the audience in Los Angeles with her acceptance speech, where she expressed her gratitude to her parents, family, and long-term collaborators who helped her get to that point. Curtis celebrated her late Oscar-nominated parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis in her acceptance speech.

She also thanked the many individuals who supported the genre movies she has made over the years, saying, "To all of the people who have supported the genre movies I have made all these years, the thousands and hundreds of thousands of people, we just won an Oscar together!" In addition to thanking her husband Christopher Guest, daughters Annie and Ruby, agents, and the film's directors, the Daniels (Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan), Curtis finished her speech by shouting out her parents and exclaiming, "I just won an Oscar!" before walking off the stage with her golden statue. Despite her recent injury, Curtis remains in high spirits after her well-deserved win at the Oscars.

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