Jennifer Lopez Bares All in Latest Revolve Campaign

Jennifer Lopez has once again proven that age is just a number as she poses n*ked in the latest campaign for fashion brand Revolve.

by Faruk Imamovic
Jennifer Lopez Bares All in Latest Revolve Campaign

Jennifer Lopez has once again proven that age is just a number as she poses naked in the latest campaign for fashion brand Revolve. The singer has recently shifted her focus from music promotion to promoting fashion lines and cosmetic products, and her collaboration with Revolve began earlier this month.

Showing Off Her Age-Defying Beauty

In a series of stunning photos, Lopez can be seen covered only by her long hair while promoting the brand's new line of shoes. The post's caption reads, "Starting the week right with new #JLOJenniferLopez for @revolve pics ?".

The reactions to the photos were overwhelmingly positive, with fans showering the singer with compliments such as "Seriously, you've aged the best of anyone on the planet" and "You are perfect from head to toe". Lopez spoke about aging in an interview with in December 2020 while promoting her skincare line.

When asked about turning 50, she said, "You never want to hear you look great for 50. They want to just hear you look great, no matter what age you are. And for me and for the company, that is a big part of it. We don't want people going, you look great for 60, 50, 40, 35.

You want people to just go, wow, you look amazing. That's part of our goal—to help everybody feel they look amazing no matter what age they are, so we don't have to hear about that so much. It doesn't become such a big deal.

‘Oh my God, she's 50.’ It's like, does it matter? You're just your best self, no matter what."

Lopez's Secret to Aging Gracefully

Lopez revealed that she has never used Botox, despite being encouraged to do so in her 20s by a dermatologist.

She said, "I went to one dermatologist and he gave me a great cleanser and some sunscreen and said, ‘If you do this from now on, your skin is healthy, you're young right now, it's going to be great.’ And then I went to another doctor with my boyfriend, and she said, ‘Did you know you have a little line right here? We should start Botox.’ I was only 23 years old and I was like, ‘I'm going to pass.’ I didn't like needles anyway, but my boyfriend was like, ‘Yeah, you should start it.

I do that.’ I was like, no, thank you. And I just wonder what would've happened to me if I would've started Botox at 23, what I would look like right now. My face would be a totally different face today." Lopez emphasized the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, saying, "One of the big things I would encourage everybody to do from the time they're 15 years old, even younger, is wear sunscreen every day.

We developed a sunscreen you can wear every single day as your day moisturizer, and that is going to protect you more than anything. That's a big skincare secret that people kind of do but don't do. They use moisturizers, but they don't put on sunscreen every day. That is something I have done from that time I was 22 years old."

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