Former Fitness Model Loni Willison: From Perfect Life to Homelessness

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Former Fitness Model Loni Willison: From Perfect Life to Homelessness
Former Fitness Model Loni Willison: From Perfect Life to Homelessness (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Loni Willison was once a model who graced the covers of fitness magazines and was married to the Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson. The couple seemed like the perfect Hollywood match, but their picture-perfect life was a facade.

Behind closed doors, their marriage was plagued by alcohol-fuelled rows and alleged domestic violence. The couple split in 2014 after Jackson allegedly assaulted Willison, but it was only the beginning of her mental health problems and the downward trajectory of her life.

From a Perfect Life to Homelessness

Loni Willison lived a life that many people would envy, but behind the glamour, it was not what it seemed. After her messy divorce, she lost her job and her home, and her life spiraled out of control.

Willison was unrecognizable as she walked the streets smoking a cigarette and rummaging through bins looking for food. Despite offers of help, she avoided people and chose to live on the streets. In a 2019 interview with The Sun, she revealed that she wanted to look as messy as possible to avoid being s*xually assaulted on the street.

Drunk Fights and Alleged Assault

Loni Willison's marriage to Jeremy Jackson seemed like a match made in heaven. However, Jackson had a history of drug addiction, which started when he was a teenager on Baywatch. The marriage turned into an alcohol-fueled row, and in 2014, the police were called to their home after Jackson allegedly assaulted Willison.

Although she claimed that he strangled and beat her, leaving her with two broken ribs, an injured neck, and scratches on her face and body, she decided not to press charges. The aftermath of the alleged assault was devastating for Willison.

She had to quit her job as an assistant to a plastic surgeon, and she couldn't work out or take on any modeling jobs. She isolated herself from friends and family and fell into a deep depression. "It took me over two months to recover properly," she said. "I didn't go out with friends or do anything – I was in a very bad place." Loni Willison's life story is a cautionary tale of the devastating effects of domestic violence and mental health issues.

Despite the offers of help, Willison chose to live on the streets, and her appearance was ravaged by addiction. Her story is a reminder that things are not always what they seem and that people are fighting battles that we know nothing about.

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