Playboy as Onlyfans: exclusive content for subscribers

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Playboy as Onlyfans: exclusive content for subscribers

Playboy challenges Onlyfans! In March 2020 Playboy gave up its covers, after 70 years in business, to go digital. Now, as Variety reports, the magazine has launched a paid monthly subscription to access exclusive content. A direct challenge to Onlyfans, who has made a fortune in recent years thanks to this winning formula.

Playboy said goodbye to printed paper in 2020, after 70 years of activity, focusing everything on digital. Going forward, some creator content will be available for free, while behind-the-scenes and full photoshoots will only be available to each creator's subscribers.

Playboy presented the new course of the magazine by placing Amanda Cerny, model actress and former Playmate, on the cover. Playboy has adapted to the times. A spokesperson for the magazine said: "Many of our creators don't have no dresses on their pages.

While we allow nudity, we don't allow explicit content. We don't position it as an adult platform, it's for everyone, including mainstream creators who share the behind scenes from their lives. The new digital magazine will feature Playboy's most successful and emerging creators in editorial features, cover shots and more.

Since the launch of the premium platform, Playboy has already published personal stories from creators about their lives and the which is why they are proud to be in Playboy." Since it was born in 1953, Playboy with its covers has been an icon.

In recent years she has abandoned the classic canon of beauty to embrace other types of femininity: like the curvy bunny Hayley Hasselhoff (daughter of the former Baywatch lifeguard David Hasselhoff) and the transgender Ines Rau.

He has also broken down the genres, also immortalizing a bunny on the cover, the beauty influencer Bretman Rock. The announcement of the magazine founded by Hugh Hefner is accompanied by the slogan: A new platform for real connection. Now Playboy is preparing to land on digital with its first new cover: the model Amanda Cerny dressed as a bunny and sitting on a rocket, immortalized by Charlotte Rutherford.

The goal of the new Playboy is to challenge OnlyFans with a platform where users will now be able to interact with creators who will publish uncensored content on their pages.