Montana Brown on the problems she faced before pregnancy

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Montana Brown on the problems she faced before pregnancy
Montana Brown on the problems she faced before pregnancy (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Montana Brown revealed that she was pregnant in an interview with OK! Montana and her husband have been trying to have a child for a long time but without success. As Brown says, such things killed the passion. “I was peeing on sticks, waiting for that smiley face which showed I was ovulating and sex became so regimented.

After six months, it had sucked the fun out of it and neither of us were enjoying it. I was like, ‘I don’t even want to look at my partner!’. We had to stop being fixated and go back to enjoying our relationship where we weren’t only having sex for a purpose.

As soon as we took the focus off, that’s when it happened”. - she said, as quoted by ok! In October, she started to feel sick and tired. Her husband told her to take a pregnancy test, but she thought it was impossible.

“We’d had sex once, maybe twice the month before and so I was like, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not even a possibility,’” she says. “I’d been sick in the evenings and was having shooting pains in my tummy, but it wasn’t what I thought early pregnancy would feel like.

I only took the test to stop Mark annoying me about it!”

Montana Brown and pregnancy

Brown also spoke about the reactions after finding out. “You see people on Instagram filming telling their other half, but Mark was on FaceTime and I was standing there totally confused about how this had happened!

Less sex is clearly the key!” Montana revealed that she is very emotional during pregnancy. “I’m so emotional! I don’t cry often and never at films, but I was watching the new Lindsay Lohan movie Falling For Christmas, which is not that sad, and I was crying the whole way through,” says Montana. “And I’ve been craving Branston pickle, which is bizarre. I’m obsessed!”