"Queen of Realness": Salma Hayek Wows with Candid Oscars After-Party Video

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"Queen of Realness": Salma Hayek Wows with Candid Oscars After-Party Video
"Queen of Realness": Salma Hayek Wows with Candid Oscars After-Party Video

The Oscars red carpet was lit up by one of Hollywood's most stunning actresses, Salma Hayek, but it was her post-awards show antics that had fans crowning her the "Queen of Realness". The actress took to her Instagram to share a video that showcased her indulging in a hearty meal, still in her glamorous Oscars attire.

Expectations vs. Reality

In the video, Salma can be seen turning around with a sandwich in her mouth, as her friend off-camera quips, "Expectation vs. reality." Salma captioned the post, "Happy to keep the glamour going but first things first." The video, which shows the actress stationed at a kitchen counter surrounded by glassware, quickly went viral, garnering over 600,000 likes and numerous comments from fans.

Celebrity Reactions

Celebrities including Katie Couric and Salma's Puss in Boots costar Antonio Banderas, showed their love for the candid moment.

Couric commented, "We adore you ???", while Banderas left three crying laughing emojis in the comments section. Fans were quick to shower the actress with love and praise, with comments such as "Salma represents all of us women when we come home from the party," "Here's why she's a unique queen," and "Well done Salma for showing real life."

Redefining Red Carpet Glamour

Hayek, who walked the Oscars red carpet in an eye-catching orange sequined dress alongside her 15-year-old daughter Valentina, is known for her impeccable red carpet looks.

However, the actress has always been open about showing her more down-to-earth personality behind the scenes. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a video of herself enjoying a bowl of chicken soup, wearing a golden beauty mask and lounging in a robe, saying, "I'm sorry, beauty is important, but eating is even more."

Salma Hayek's candid Oscars after-party video serves as a refreshing reminder that despite the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, celebrities are just like us, with normal human cravings and needs.

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