Nicolas Cage Declines Invitation to Join the MCU: 'I Am Nicolas Cage'


Nicolas Cage Declines Invitation to Join the MCU: 'I Am Nicolas Cage'
Nicolas Cage Declines Invitation to Join the MCU: 'I Am Nicolas Cage'

Nicolas Cage, the Academy Award-winning actor, recently sat down for an interview to discuss his career and reflect on his journey as an actor. When asked about the possibility of starring in a Marvel film, Cage's response was both surprising and endearing, as he revealed his connection to the Marvel universe.

A Tribute to Stan Lee

"I’ve gotta be nice about Marvel movies, because I named myself after a Stan Lee character named Luke Cage," Cage said with a chuckle, reports The Independent. "What am I going to do, put Marvel movies down? Stan Lee is my surrealistic father.

He named me." Cage's connection to the Marvel universe and its late co-creator, Stan Lee, is personal and enduring. The actor's stage name, Nicolas Cage, is a nod to the character Luke Cage, created by Lee and artist John Romita Sr.

in 1972. Cage's admiration for Lee and the Marvel universe is evident in his words and his passion for the genre.

The Beauty of Diversity in Cinema

When asked about the recent criticism of the Marvel franchise, Cage responded, "I understand what the frustration is.

I get it. But I think there’s plenty of room for everybody. I’m seeing movies like [recent Oscar nominee] Tár. I’m seeing all kinds of artistic and independently driven movies. I think there’s plenty of room for everybody." Cage believes that the film industry is diverse and inclusive, providing a platform for a variety of genres, stories, and styles.

The actor is a firm advocate for independent cinema and recognizes the value of each and every film, regardless of its budget or subject matter.

A Love for Family Drama and Horror

When asked about his favorite movie genres, Cage revealed his fondness for "independently spirited family drama." He continued, "I like movies that take place at home and the struggles we have at home and how we’re trying to either succeed and become better people or succumb to the pressures of the human experience." Cage is also a fan of the horror genre and recognizes the talent that goes into making a great horror film. "Some of the most talented artistic people now are making horror films.

I think you can do so much," he said. "The reason why science fiction and horror is so important to me is that it gave me a format where I could express some of my more surrealistic and abstract dreams with film performance."

A Career Built on Versatility and Talent

Nicolas Cage has starred in a wide range of films, from action films to tense family dramas, absurd vampire films, and even a film in which he played a fictional version of himself.

In the early years of his career, Cage starred in films such as "Valley Girl" (1983), "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986), "Raising Arizona" (1987), "Moonstruck" (1987), and "Wild at Heart" (1990). In 1995, Cage won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in "Leaving Las Vegas," and received his second Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Charlie and Donald Kaufman in "Adaptation" (2002).

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