Love Island’s Olivia: I’m a genuinely lovely person

“It was never about the girls bashing the boys."

by Sead Dedovic
Love Island’s Olivia: I’m a genuinely lovely person

In response to the increasing number of call outs that have been taking place lately on Love Island, Olivia has responded. Many people are accusing her of pushing toxic femininity and for going overboard when it comes to such issues.

However, Olivia denies this, and confirmed that she cried many times behind the cameras. “It was never about the girls bashing the boys. I had many times when I was in tears that wasn’t shown on TV. There were real emotions.

Maybe it was a case of big personalities clashing, it was so intense and arguments are inevitable when we were in a confined space together 24 hours a day. "- she said, as quoted by

Olivia talks about her 'real' self

She believes that people need to get to know her better in order to see her true, "softer" side.

Olivia thinks that she is a wonderful person and that she has a big heart. Olivia will try to show her 'true' side in the future so that people can get to know the real Olivia. “But it was definitely not a case of toxic femininity.

When people meet me they will see the real me, I’m definitely not a villain. Now I’m out of the villa I’m looking forward to people seeing my fun side and my big heart. I’m a genuinely lovely person”.

During her interview, she also spoke about the incident with Kai and spoke from her point of view regarding the incident. There was no question in her mind that she did not want to upset anyone at those moments. "I can see how it could be perceived in that way.

It was never anything where I wanted to make Kai upset, that’s the last thing I would have wanted. It does look hypocritical of me, emotions were high”.