Michael Jackson's Son: From 2002 Scandal to Today


Michael Jackson's Son: From 2002 Scandal to Today
Michael Jackson's Son: From 2002 Scandal to Today

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II, better known as "Blanket," was thrust into the public eye as a nine-month-old baby, cradled in the arms of his legendary father, Michael Jackson. The iconic pop star presented his young son to the world in a 2002 public appearance that sparked controversy and accusations of endangering the child's safety.

However, the younger Jackson has since emerged as a young activist with a passion for addressing climate change.

From Scandal to Activism

The 2002 incident, in which Michael Jackson held "Blanket" over a balcony railing in Berlin, Germany, was met with criticism from the public.

The 19-time Grammy award winner later referred to the action as a "mistake," stating, "I offer no excuses for what happened. I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children." Due to the use of a blanket to shield the baby's face from paparazzi, the public began to refer to him as "Blanket." The younger Jackson withdrew from public life following his father's death, but in 2021, he re-emerged in a rare on-camera interview with Good Morning Britain.

The 19-year-old spoke about his father's legacy and his own passion for addressing climate change. "There's a lot of really cool stuff here. There's a lot of history in this house and the studio here. That's what he was all about," he said, referring to his father's legacy.

"That's what each of us want to do — make things that people enjoy but also benefit their lives."

A Call to Action on Climate Change

In the interview, "Blanket" Jackson emphasized the importance of addressing climate change, stating, "I do think it's important we all know about it.

We have some work to do but our generation knows how important it is." The young activist called on leaders to focus on the issue, recognizing the vital role it plays in shaping the future for generations to come. Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II, formerly known as "Blanket," has emerged from the shadow of his father's scandalous incident to become a young activist with a passion for addressing climate change.

His call to action serves as a reminder of the responsibility we all bear to protect our planet and secure a sustainable future.

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