'The Prince Harry Effect': A Surge in Demand for Beard Transplants


'The Prince Harry Effect': A Surge in Demand for Beard Transplants
'The Prince Harry Effect': A Surge in Demand for Beard Transplants

A hair clinic based in Istanbul, Turkey, claims that demand for beard transplants has doubled since Prince Harry's recent memoir was published. The EsteNove clinic attributes the increase in demand to the cover of the book, "Spare," which has received extensive media coverage and has been prominently displayed in bookstores worldwide.

The Rise of Facial Hair Concerns Among Men

According to Batuhan Kizilcan, co-founder of EsteNove, interest in beard transplants has been growing steadily in recent years as more people become aware of the procedure. However, in recent weeks, demand has skyrocketed, with the number of transplants performed at the clinic increasing by 100%.

The clinic has dubbed this phenomenon the "Prince Harry effect," as clients are specifically citing the image on the front of the book as the desired outcome for their own facial hair. Kizilcan explains that problems with facial hair, such as patchiness and slow or inconsistent growth, have become a growing concern among men, slowly catching up with concerns over head baldness.

"It is very common for people to have to display or develop gaps in their facial hair which makes it look patchy or straggly," Kizilcan told MailOnline. "Sometimes, beard hair grows at a very slow or inconsistent pace. More often than not, this has a genetic background.

The face can look very empty, with patches of hair here and there."

The Allure of the Prince Harry Look

Clients are reportedly willing to pay up to 2,500 pounds for a new look, as they believe Prince Harry's beard makes him appear rugged and masculine.

Kizilcan notes that every year, approximately 50% of their patients come from Great Britain, so it is not surprising that the prince's image is often cited as a desired outcome. Additionally, EsteNove's prices for these procedures are significantly lower compared to those in Great Britain.

The publication of Prince Harry's memoir has had a significant impact on demand for beard transplants, with the EsteNove clinic in Istanbul attributing the surge in interest to the "Prince Harry effect." As facial hair concerns become increasingly common among men, it appears that the desire for a rugged and masculine look, as embodied by the prince, will only continue to grow.

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