Brooklyn Beckham's Tattoos Dedicated to His Wife Nicole Peltz

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Brooklyn Beckham's Tattoos Dedicated to His Wife Nicole Peltz
Brooklyn Beckham's Tattoos Dedicated to His Wife Nicole Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham, the son of former professional footballer David Beckham, has once again made headlines with his latest tattoo. In a recent appearance on "The Rundown," Beckham revealed a portrait of his wife, Nicole Peltz, inked on his arm.

This new addition to his collection of tattoos is just one of many dedicated to his beloved wife.

A Canvas of Devotion

When asked about his numerous tattoos dedicated to Peltz, Beckham candidly admitted, "I am half-covered with stuff for her.

They’re very addictive, especially when you love someone. You just want to cover everywhere." Beckham revealed that of his 100 tattoos, approximately 70 are dedicated to Peltz, whom he married last year. The former model's love for tattoos is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a testament to his love for his wife.

Beckham shared that Peltz often cries upon seeing his tattoos dedicated to her, making each one a surprise and a special moment for the couple.

Turbulent Times

Beckham's new tattoo comes amid a tumultuous period for the couple, as a recent lawsuit has shed light on the chaos behind their April 2022 wedding. The lawsuit claimed that Peltz's father, Nelson Peltz, paid more than $100,000 plus travel expenses for his daughter's hair and makeup services for the wedding.

The suit also quoted one of the planners as saying that Nelson could not know the cost of the services or he would "kill her, and be so mad." Despite the recent events, Beckham's love for his wife is as strong as ever, as evidenced by his numerous tattoos dedicated to her.

Some of the standout tattoos include the words "married" on his left hand, Peltz's name on his neck, and an eight-line tattoo below the image of her eyes. Brooklyn Beckham's tattoos serve as a visual representation of his love for his wife, Nicole Peltz. Through thick and thin, his tattoos serve as a reminder of their commitment to each other and the bond they share.

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